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Choosing a cup for your baby: what to look out for?

When your child is about four months old, you can start letting him or her drink from a cup. But no two cups are the same. In this article, we list some of the factors you should bear in mind when choosing a cup for your baby.


choosing a baby cup

A trainer cup for babies

Newborn babies are only breastfed or bottle-fed, but when they are a few months old, you can already get them used to drinking from a cup. Not a 'grown-up's cup' of course, but a so-called trainer cup, with large, soft handles and a spout.

Learning to drink from a cup is a process, and not something that is successful overnight. During this period you can easily alternate drinking from the trainer cup with bottle feeding.

Some important criteria for choosing cups

Are you planning on buying a cup for your baby? Compare the various models thoroughly before making a decision. Definitely bear the following in mind:

  • The (in)destructible nature and general robustness of the cup
  • The softness of the material
  • The shape, size and positioning of the handles and drinking spout
  • The (clear) indication of the volume in the cup
  • Whether it is dishwasher safe
  • The available colours
  • The labels indicating that the cup complies with EU safety standards. For example, products for children must not contain toxic paint.

Spout or no spout?

Many internet forums warn that cups with a spout are apparently bad for your baby's development. For example, these models allegedly have a detrimental effect on the formation of the jaw, teeth and motor control of the tongue. Tooth decay and lisping are also highlighted as possible risks.

However, these dangers are only real if your baby uses a cup with a spout too much and for too long. Is your baby a little older and is drinking going well? Then switch over to another model of cup in good time which better suits their age and ability.

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