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Is my cup really leakproof?

On the top of mom’s wish list: a life with less mess to clean! Because everyone knows those little angels can create quite the chaos. And every little thing that can help, is more than welcome. Imagine this: you bring an extra drink for you son or daughter with you. You want to take it out of your bag, only to find that the drink has spilled and your entire bag is soaking wet. That’s something we would all like to avoid! So what about leak proof cups? Sounds good, right? Of course, only if they are also leak proof in real life. That’s why, to make sure that everybody buying a Nûby cup is happy with the product he bought, we give some more explanation about just how leak proof our products are.

The best tip: you can always see on each packaging of our cups how mess free or spill free they are. We make a clear difference between the following characteristics:


Free Flow
If you see this on the packaging, it means that fluids can run out freely. No valves, no complications, no fuss. This absolute freedom does come with a risk of leaking, because the fluids can come out freely. Usually this is the case for cups with a hard spout or pop-up twist, for example our Free Flow 2-n-1 Hard Spout Cup.


No Mess
Our Wonder Cups are specially designed to prevent your child from making a mess when drinking. On the packaging of these cups, you can find our No Mess logo. If these products fall on the floor or are being used in another way than they are supposed to, there is however the possibility of leaks.


No Spill
These products are the complete spill stoppers. As long as the cup isn’t broken, it won’t leak. Turning it upside down, the occasional fall, … No problem! Attention: No Spill means nothing can escape. When you fill the cup with sparkling fluids, the pressure in the cup can increase because of heath or shaking. Tears can occur in the valves or the pressure can suddenly be released when opening up the cup. When talking about our No Spill products, we talk about cups with soft spout or straw, for example our Flip It™ Cup.

With these in mind, finding the right cup for you and your child is much easier. We care about being honest with you and finding the perfect match with your Nûby cup!



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