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These are the 10 main advantages of breastfeeding

A lot of mums have made a very conscious decision to breastfeed. Whether you breastfeed your baby or prefer the bottle is of course entirely up to you. But perhaps you still have doubts and would like to learn more about the advantages of breastfeeding? In that case, read on!


Advantages of breastfeeding

The advantages of breastfeeding for mums

Breastfeeding is not only healthy for your baby. Mums also stand to benefit.

1. Breastfeeding helps your body recover

Research shows that breastfeeding helps prevent bleeding after childbirth. What's more, your body produces oxytocin every time you breastfeed your baby. This hormone stimulates your uterus to contract until it goes back to the size it was before your pregnancy.

2. It strengthens the bond with your child

It goes without saying that breastfeeding strengthens the bond with your child. But don't worry: you will still build a strong bond with your baby with bottle feeding. You offer your baby the same comfort and warmth as with breastfeeding. 

3. You lose weight more quickly

Your extra pregnancy kilos might melt away pretty quickly, but then again they might not. Every woman is different. It is a fact that you return to your original weight faster when you are breastfeeding. 

4. You save time

Breast milk is always available and perfectly sterile

5. Breastfeeding makes you healthier

Researchers agree that breastfeeding reduces your risk of osteoporosis, breast cancer and ovarian cancer

The advantages of breastfeeding for your baby

Breastfeeding is not just food for your baby. It offers various health benefits, both in early and adult life. 

1. More resistance

Breast milk is full of antibodies that give the baby's immune system a helping hand. That way, breastfeeding - or bottle feeding, if you express - reduces the risk of a range of infections and even allergies for your baby.

2. Better development

In addition, breast milk stimulates the growth of good intestinal bacteria and contains unsaturated fatty acids that are important for brain development. It has also been shown that breast milk promotes digestion and even improves development of teeth, jaws and speech.

3. Less risk of being overweight

Babies who are breastfed for at least several months are less likely to become overweight as a child and in later life.

4. Solid food is easier 

Breastfeeding helps your child transition to solid food more easily. The baby is by then already used to the variable smell and taste of breast milk - what mummy eats determines the taste of the milk.

5. Safe bond

Finally, breastfeeding gives your baby an extra feeling of security. But as we said above, with bottle feeding you create a bond which is just as strong. It's all about the moment itself - so take all the time you need to enjoy it.



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