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Our new breast pads: comfort in black and white

A mother deserves the highest comfort to support her efforts to breastfeed her baby. Nûby™ aims to contribute to that by offering a high-end product of which the importance is often forgotten, being the breast pad. Both the importance of great comfort and a feminine design were taken into account in the development of the new breast pads.




A new black option

But the feature that stands out the most is the fact that for day use there are both white and black breast pads available. Nûby™ designed amazingly absorbent soft and thin pads in both classic white and fashionable black, to offer women the opportunity to match their breast pad with their underwear. So, no more visible white pads in your classy black underwear. Feeling like the black breast pad matches their underwear and is therefore invisible, makes women more confident in wearing them. The pads are available in 28+2 packaging, which means that customers can buy a pack of 30 pads that include 28 white ones and 2 black ones or 28 black ones and 2 white ones. Why choose this packaging you ask? Most people don’t wear the same underwear for several days in a row. Combine this knowledge with the fact that most women like to match the color of their bra to their outfit and that industry studies show that women still prefer to buy white or black breastfeeding bra’s and you might guess why we did this. Nûby™ gives mothers a chance to match their pads with their underwear for extra discretion. Even if they only bought a pack of white packs, chances are they will need the black ones when going outdoors in the upcoming days after buying it. Because let’s be honest: do you know what you are going to wear a week from now?

Extra absorbing power and ultra-thin

Other than the black option, the new Nûby™ breast pads also check all the other boxes that are important in high quality breast pads. When asked about the disadvantages of breast feeding, many women mention the embarrassing moments of leaking milk. Nûby™ now eliminates this, because absorbency, the most important feature in breast pads, is more than ever guaranteed with the pads absorbing up to 100ml. In the past, women often had to choose between absorbency and thin pads that are invisible under clothing. Nûby™ was able to combine the two. To make women feel confident in the everyday wear of breast pads, the Breast Pads for Day were made ultra-thin (<1mm) and unnoticeable under clothing. They stay attached thanks to the two adhesive strips, so they don’t slip from the bra. You just stick them to the bra and no more worries afterwards.

Sleep tight at night

Not only does Nûby™ have new breast pads for the day, we also provide night pads. We offer both day and night breast pad versions as the most important features differ on their time of use. For night use, our highest priority was to offer moms a pad with an adjusted shape that follows their sleeping position and extra cotton for added comfort. Nûby™ knows that women have different needs during the night. Design and discretion are less of an argument, but comfort and peace of mind are. This is why we added an extra soft layer, so it reduces friction when turning over in your sleep. The night pads are also extra flexible so they follow the shape of the breast. Extra absorbency was added so you can sleep longer without noticing the moisture. This means mothers can catch those much-needed extra hours of sleep in between feeding.

We’re offering comfort, softness, amazing absorbency and a feminine design, just to get a bright smile from mothers worldwide in return!





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