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BPA vrije producten

In the past few years there were many reports in the media about the harmful effects of hormone disruptors, phthalates and BPA (Bisphenol Polycarbonate Adhesives) in babyproducts. In the past polycarbonate was commonly used as an important substance in the production of thousands of products like teether toys and baby bottles. 

There are many scientific studies about the effects of BPA on the health of your baby. That is why we decided in 2009 to systematically ban all products containing BPA from our range. This guarantees that we can offer parents a safe alternative.

How can you see if a product is BPA-free ? 

Because BPA is a transparant substance, you will not able to see it by merely looking at the product. Every BPA-free Nûby™ product has a specific logo on the packaging.

This is what the logo looks like : 

Nûby BPA vrij


For Nûby™ products manufactured before 2015 this logo was used:


Nuby 0% bisphenol A logo pre 2015

For more information and research about BPA, we suggest these websites: