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Which parts does our electric breast pump have and how do you assemble them?

What's in the box of our electric breast pump?

unboxing breast pump


Check out our unboxing video below:


We've upgraded our electric breast pump!

From now on it is also possible to charge your breast pump via a USB connection. charger with USB connection
We have also developed another valve to make the breast pump work even better. new valve


How do you assemble the Nûby electric breast pump?


  1. Wash your hands before starting the assembly.
  2. Charge the breast pump until the light stops blinking and stays green (can take up to 4 hours).
  3. Put the valve on the tee joint.
  4. Push the membrane in the tee joint.
  5. Screw the membrane cap on the top of the tee joint.
  6. Press the breast horn on the tee joint with the arrow on top.
  7. Push one side of the tube over the membrane cap.
  8. Screw the intermediate ring on the bottom of the tee joint.
  9. Screw the bottle onto the intermediate ring.
  10. Plug the other end of the tube in the pump motor.


And you’re ready to use the electric breast pump!

See here how to use our electric breast pump and how to clean it.





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