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When does a baby get its first teeth? (And what about breastfeeding?)

Some babies are already born with a milk tooth, but for most babies the teeth take some time to develop. How long does it take exactly before your baby get its first teeth? Find out here. We'll also explain what effect this has on breastfeeding - a question asked by many mums. Let's find out!


when first teeth breastfeeding

Average age

On average, babies get their first tooth when they are about six months old. Some children get their first teeth earlier, others still don't have any after a year. So don't worry if your child is an early bird or late bloomer in this respect.

Did you know that the lower incisors often develop first? These are followed by the upper incisors. Usually, all the incisors have come through around the age of eight months.

By the time they celebrate their second birthday, most children have already developed their milk teeth (around twenty in total).

How do you know when your baby is getting its first teeth?

When you see the tip of the first tooth poking out from the gums, your baby has actually been teething for quite a while. And that surely hasn't gone unnoticed for you as a mum. You may recognise some of these symptoms:

  • Frequent drooling
  • Biting on toys
  • Sensitive gums
  • Continually sucking on their thumb or other fingers
  • Warm and red cheek(s)
  • Whiny behaviour (irritable)
  • Wanting to be picked up more often
  • Little or no appetite
  • Cannot sleep, or sleeps less
  • Mild fever 
  • Loose stools


As you can see, the first teeth bring a lot of discomfort with them. Is it obvious that your baby is suffering from it? Then don't forget to read our tips to ease pain from teething.

Do I need to stop breastfeeding now?

If your baby is in the right position, it normally can't bite. Many mothers don't have any problems carrying on with breastfeeding, even though their baby has had its first teeth. There are also a lot of mums who continue to breastfeed their children without any pain when they already have all their milk teeth. What if your baby bites anyway? Definitely don't get angry, and read our tips to stop biting during breastfeeding.



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