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Never waste another precious little moment again

Little Moments was created to celebrate the unique bond between mothers and their babies in the first months of growing up. Together they are experiencing everything for the first time. Every little step the baby makes in its development is a moment of pride for the parents: the first smile, the first word, the first time sitting upright, ….

This is why Nûby™ created a range of products that resonate with these feelings of pride. With the first variety of 3 quotes (“Little Moments, Big Memories”, “You are the apple of my eye” and “Dream Big Little Star”) parents can show just how proud they are. Little Moments is an extended range of products that include pacifiers, bottles, bibs, nail sets and a comb & brush set. The products are all of the highest quality to ensure soft, lovely and effective grooming for newborns.

Are you thinking right now that some of those firsts also make you a little nervous as a parent? We can help with that! Here are a few tips, so you can enjoy those little moments to the fullest.

First pacifier

Is your baby not an immediate fan of his or her soother? There can be a lot of small things to try. First of all, chances are that your baby won’t accept the pacifier because you are there and he can detect your smell. Why accept the soother when they know the real thing is right there? Try to make another family member introduce the pacifier, a.k.a. dad to the rescue.

Another possible reason is that your breastfed baby doesn’t take a pacifier because it is cold.
Your nipple is warmer than any other artificial nipple. You can warm the soother first by placing it under the tap water for a couple of minutes. Don’t forget to squeeze the pacifier to evacuate the entrapped water before giving it to your baby and check the pacifier regularly for any fissures or color change before use.
But which soother to use? Why not one that makes it easy to find again in the dark and with the loveliest quotes on them? Take a look at our Little Moments Oval Soother, perfect for soothing your newborn.

First bottles

Suckling milk from a bottle requires different mouth and tongue movements than breastfeeding, so it may take your baby a little time to get used to the change. Try these tips for a smooth transition:

  • Offer him a bottle in the evening after his regular feeding to get him used to the nipple.
  • Try a slow-flow nipple. For some babies, especially infants, a regular nipple may flood them with milk. If your baby gags when using a bottle, replace his nipple with a slow-flow one to see if that helps. The perfect bottle with slow flow soft silicone nipple that flexes like mom’s breast, would be our Little Moments Soft Flex™ Bottle! Not to mention that they are also the cutest.
  • Let someone else feed him the first bottle. If you try to give your baby his first bottle, he may wonder why he's not getting your breast. He may be less confused if someone else makes the introduction.

However you are feeding your baby, whether it’s breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there is one must-have that can’t be forgotten: a bib! These little lifesavers make sure that feeding your baby doesn’t equal changing your baby’s clothes or your own clothes. They protect your baby from trapped dribble and spillages while feeding. The Little Moments Bib is soft, lightweight, easy to put on and fashionable!

First time trimming finger nails

It's nerve-racking clipping a baby's nails, but there’s no use putting it off. Because a baby’s nails start growing before birth, it’s possible that your little one may need his or her first mani/pedi very soon. While their nails are generally quite soft, they can also be sharp and the skin of a newborn is so very delicate.
Later on, as they begin exploring the world around them, longer nails provide the perfect hiding place for those nasty germs gathered on their adventures. And where will those little fingers inevitably end up? In their mouth, of course. Keeping your toddler's nail short and clean can help reduce both the spread of germs and frequency of sickness. With the Little Moments Evolutive nail care set, you have one set that grows together with your baby. From the file for newborns to the clippers for toddlers. Press the tip of the finger back to avoid cutting the skin. Too scary? Use a nail file instead. Try trimming right after a bath when nails are soft or when your baby is sleeping.

First time grooming hair

Whether it's thin, thick, curly, or practically nonexistent, parents love to run their fingers through their baby's hair just for the pure pleasure of it. And seeing it sticking up in the morning or slick and wet in the bath is one of those wonderful little joys of parenthood. In fact, many moms put off baby's first haircut for as long as possible, because seeing those wispy little curls fall to the floor is often the first sign that babyhood is coming to an end.
But eventually (like when your baby can't see through the hair in his eyes!) some locks have to go. And beyond haircuts, there's more to baby hair care -- even if your baby hardly has any. A soft baby comb and brush is perfect for newborns as the softness of the bristles are suitable for their tender scalps yet still effective in styling their hair and stimulating their scalp. The Little Moments Brush & comb set will leave your baby’s hair soft and silky.




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