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My baby has teething pain: what can I do?

Most babies that are teething suffer with it. As a mum, it can be heartbreaking to see your baby in pain when it doesn't understand why. Fortunately, you don't have to stand by and watch helplessly. We have a lot of tips to relieve pain from teething. Let's find out!


tips to relieve teething pain

Tips to relieve teething pain in babies

  • You may already have noticed that lately your baby has been sucking and nibbling everything, and suddenly produces a lot of saliva. Teething pain causes an itchy feeling in the gums. That's why there are special teething rings, teething chains and teething gloves. Some can even be put in the fridge for an additional cooling and soothing effect.
  • Have a few teeth already come through? Then you can simply let your baby chew on a piece of bread or a dry cake.
  • Gently massage the gums with your finger or with the rounded side of a chilled teaspoon.
  • Babies who have pain due to teething are sometimes prescribed a pain relieving gel or drops by their doctor.
  • Does your baby have fever? You can give children from three months a paracetamol tablet every now and then, of course only the adapted baby version. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for the correct dosage.
  • Keep your baby's gums in good condition by using a suitable teething gel.

What if your baby continues to suffer?

First teeth can be accompanied by many different symptoms, which can also occur if your baby is suffering from something else. For example, your baby may be very irritable, sleep poorly and even suffer from diaper rash. If you are in doubt as to whether teething pain is really behind it, or if your baby has a fever for three days or more, you should definitely not hesitate to contact your doctor.

Tip! To check whether a tooth is on its way, feel over the gums with a clean finger. A tooth that is almost poking through feels like a hard lump.

First teeth? Clean them! 

Did you know that dentists recommend brushing babies' gums before their first teeth come through? You can do this easily with a wet cloth around your finger. As soon as the first tooth has come through, you will of course have to brush it every day. You can do this with a special (finger) toothbrush for babies and a tube of children's toothpaste.



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