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Going outdoors with the baby? Don't forget the wipes for their pacifier!

Due to the corona crisis, our lives have been completely transformed for the time being. It is essential that we stick to the guidelines, so that we can get back to normal life as soon as possible. Fortunately, it is still possible to go for a stroll, even with your baby. Although it's best to be cautious. So it's a good idea to always have cleaning wipes to hand for your little one's pacifier.


pacifier wipes

Fresh air is good for your baby.

Did you know that fresh air is just as important and essential for your baby as it is for us adults? In the same way that they need adapted nutrition, babies also crave fresh air. Even in these corona times, it is a good idea to go for a stroll every day with your precious little one. That doesn't mean you have to walk for hours on end, but a breath of fresh air is good for both you and your little tinker. 

Avoid shopping with your child

What is not a good idea, however, is taking your baby to a busy supermarket. There is much more chance of getting infected there. It is often difficult to keep your distance in the narrow aisles, and you and your baby are at risk of getting infected when you enter and leave the shop. So our advice is: go shopping by yourself, if possible. You can of course go for a pleasant walk with your family. 

With pacifier wipes at the ready!

A pacifier helps keep your child calm. If you're going for a walk, always bring a supply of cleaning wipes. That way, wherever you go, you can keep your baby's pacifier clean without having to rinse it. That's handy, because right now hardly anywhere is open for you to use the washroom facilities. Nûby pacifier wipes are made from natural ingredients and you can also use them to clean teethers, bottles and toys.

Have fun on your walks and stay safe!



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