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Alcohol gel? No! You can keep your baby's skin clean with Nûby baby wipes.

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, good hygiene is essential. People are currently rushing for disinfecting alcohol gels in supermarkets and pharmacies. However, these products are not always ideal. For your baby's sensitive skin, for example, it's better to use adapted baby wipes. Allow us to explain why.


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Hooray for hygiene!

We've all heard it by now: regularly washing your hands is a must to keep the chance of coronavirus infection as low as possible. In fact, just rinsing hands is not enough. You need to use sufficient amounts of soap and wash your hands thoroughly, for at least twenty seconds. There are even online songs that make it clear exactly how long you need to scrub your hands. That's handy!

In addition, surfaces that multiple people come into contact with are now disinfected much more often than usual. Examples include payment terminals or the conveyor belts at supermarket checkouts. By cleaning these every time, shop assistants prevent customers from infecting each other or staff.

Alcohol gel: not a panacea

To protect themselves, a lot of people are stocking up on disinfectant alcohol gels. Not surprisingly, there is already a shortage of them in many places right now. If you really want to get your hands on some alcohol gel, chances are you'll have to traipse through various shops and pharmacies.

And yet alcohol gels are definitely not a must: according to government guidelines, washing your hands with soap and water is sufficient. Moreover, the alcohol in these gels is highly aggressive for your skin. If you use it too often, you may end up with irritation and dry hands.

Baby wipes for baby's sensitive skin

In other words, the delicate skin of your precious little one should never be roughed up with alcohol gel. Use the baby wipes from Nûby instead. They cleanse and moisturise your baby's sensitive skin. Moreover, they stay moist longer than alcohol-based wipes. Nûby's baby wipes only contain natural ingredients and have been developed under dermatological control. 


You can discover Nûby baby wipes in our webshop. And don't forget: stay safe!



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