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A cup with a straw for your child: recommended or not?

Drinking from a cup is a skill that children learn step by step. That's why it's important that you always give your child the right cup, tailored to their motor development. For example, a cup with a straw can be useful for the further development of oral motor skills.


cup with straw

The right cup for your child

As we wrote earlier in this blog, a baby can start practising drinking from a cup at around four months old. It takes about fifteen months on average before they can fully master this and drink from an 'ordinary' cup with a rim, just like an adult.

Before they reach that point, they can practise their motor skills using, successively:

  • a trainer cup (from four months)
  • a spout cup (from six months, if the child can sit up by itself)
  • a cup with an anti-spill rim (from six months, if the child can already crawl)

Most cups have an age indication, but that is only an indication. Every child is different and goes through the learning process at its own pace. So in choosing the right cup, focus primarily on the development of your toddler.

Learning to drink with a straw

In some cases, it can be a good idea to give your child a cup with a straw before venturing into a cup with a drinking rim. These cups with a straw help further develop the child's oral motor skills. By drinking with a straw, your child loses the reflex of sucking on a bottle. Your toddler can use a straw cup from about twelve months.

Teaching your child to drink with a straw is easiest if you first let them try it with a thicker drink. It can also help to practice with a straw from a glass before offering the drinking cup.

What about buying a cup with a straw?

Are you looking for a drinking cup with a straw for your child? You will find a variety of models in our product range!



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