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Your baby’s soother provides a comfortable and relaxing feeling. To meet perfectly with your baby’s natural sucking reflex and to stimulate the sucking action during the breastfeeding period, Nûby™ warmly recommends the Natural Flex™ pacifier.

What’s so special about the Natural Flex™ soother?

The unique system incorporated in the Natural Flex™ pacifier makes the cherry baglet stretch and move like a mother’s nipple during feeding. Therefore, the pacifier is ideal to use during the breastfeeding period. This perfect reproduction of the natural movement of mother’s nipple while feeding calms down and comforts your child much more than one without this unique system. The pacifier is for 100% made of silicone and comes in two sizes, from newborn until 6 months and for babies between 6 and 18 months.

In a nutshell:

• Baglet stretches and moves like a mother’s nipple
• Ideal pacifier to use during breastfeeding
• Reproduction of the natural movement of mother’s nipple during feeding
• Cherry shaped baglet
• 100% silicone

Find out more about the Natural Flex™ pacifiers on the productpage.